The company

TEXTILE ITALIA was born on 1 January 1979 by founder GianCarlo Fumagalli.

Start the new business by investing all your economic resources.
He comes into contact with the Pilotelli company in Brescia, a leading company operating in the knitting machine sector; he also finds trust from other companies, and despite some sleepless nights due to worries about the commitments he has made, he does not give up.

In 1984 he purchased 250 m2 with a mortgage. of warehouse, hires two people, increases work, finds space in the field of sock machines.

On 1 October 1995 your company changed its name. ITALTEX S.N.C., thanks also to the support of its sons Massimo and Stefano, has a workforce of nine employees as well as the support of external companies.

The company is spread over an area of approximately 1500 m2. and develops its own product for the best Italian manufacturers of sock and knitting machines.

A close collaboration begins with the LONATI company of Brescia, world leader in that sector.

In 2003, he considered it appropriate to improve and give new space to the headquarters, so even with sacrifices, he changed the location to approximately 2000 m2. of operational section, and with a new reason ITALTEX S.r.l.
The production unit is located in Cantù, in the province of Como.

For over 40 years, we have been enhancing our corporate culture and our tradition in the production of articles with high quality standards in textiles, and always ready to solve the needs of various customers.